Stourton Memorial Hall
Stourton Memorial Hall


Please note:- The Hall is not licensed for wedding ceremonies, though it is often used for wedding parties. For information on civil weddings at Stourhead please contact Graham Puxley or for a wedding in St Peter's church Revd Graham F Perryman

The Google Calendar is intended to be a guide to show availability of the Hall and to enable their bookings to be seen by the hirers. Most of the time it will be completely up to date but because of the way we have to manage the bookings it is possible that an apparently vacant slot has already been taken. If a booking request is received by email it will be confirmed by email. At this stage the booking is "Provisional", we will then email an Invoice/Agreement form. When payment is received an email is sent informing the status has become "Confirmed". In addition to the Booking Fee a deposit of £50 or £100, depending on the type of event, is required to cover damages, excessive cleaning or non complicance with our Terms & Conditions.

Please note when requesting a booking you are giving your consent for us to hold the information you give us as explained in our Privacy Statement

Google Calendar

1. We do not publish personal information about our hirers unless specifically requested, then we can put in contact details to enable the public to find out more about your event.
2. The number in brackets after the event description is your booking reference.
3. Clicking on an event shows more details of the start and finish time and also the status of the booking, this is shown in the "Where" information.
4. Until we receive payment the booking is marked as "Provisional". When we receive payment this changes to "Booked".
5. Unfortunately clicking on "map" is meaningless.

Commercial Bookings

Please contact us if you would like more information on this subject.