Stourton Memorial Hall
Stourton Memorial Hall

Our Privacy Statement

For Hall bookings it is essential to store certain information relating to the hirer of the Hall. In hiring the Hall you give your consent for us to store the information detailed below.
We store in a locked filing cabinet a hard copy the Agreement form you will have signed. We also store, on a secure local computer, the following:- The time and date of your hire, the amount you paid, any deposits, your name, address, telephone number, email address, company or organisation (if appropriate). Where a breakages deposit has been paid your bank sort code and account number. This information is held for a maximum of 2 years after your booking. This is held only as it relates to your hire of the Hall and will not be used for any other purpose or divulged to any other party.

At any time you may request to see the infomation we hold. by contacting

To conform to the requirements for the General Data Protection Regualtion (GDPR) you may see our confirmation statement by clicking here.