What’s On

Public Events 2021

The craft markets offer beautiful hand crafted gifts, jewellery, art, clothing and so much more. Whilst the antiques fairs offer wonderful, unusual and collectable items for you to discover and treasure.

The catering days offer delicious food and hot and cold drinks so well worth a visit following a walk round the gardens.

Entry to all fairs and catering days is free and all are welcome.

Please note though, no dogs are allowed in the hall with the exception of guide dogs.



Sunday 30th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Monday 31st                                       9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day


Saturday 19th                                     9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Sunday 20th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Saturday 26th                                      9am – 5pm                                          Tinkerbelles Craft Market

Sunday 27th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Tinkerbelles Craft Market


Saturday 17th                                     9am – 6pm                                          Craft Fair                             

Sunday  18th                                        9am – 6pm                                          Craft Fair             

Saturday 31st                                      9am – 6pm                                          Stourton Flower Show (day 1)


Sunday 1st                                            9am – 6pm                                          Stourton Flower Show (day 2)

Saturday 28th                                      9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Sunday 29th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day


Saturday 11th                                      9am – 5pm                                          Craft Fair

Sunday 12th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Craft Fair


Saturday 9th                                        9am – 5pm                                          Antiques Fair

Sunday 10th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Antiques Fair

Saturday 16th                                      9am – 5pm                                          Tinkerbelles Craft Market

Sunday 17th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Tinkerbelles Craft Market

Friday 22nd                                           9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Saturday 23rd                                      9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Sunday 24th                                         9am – 5pm                                          Catering Day

Saturday 30th                                      9am – 5pm                                          Craft Fair

Sunday 31st                                         9am – 5pm                                          Craft Fair


Saturday 13th                                      9am – late                                           Craft Fair

Sunday 14th                                         9am – 6pm                                          Craft Fair

Saturday 27th                                      9am – late                                           Craft fair

Sunday 28th                                         9am – 6pm                                          Craft Fair


Friday 3rd                                              12– late                                             Tinkerbelles Christmas Market

Saturday 4th                                        9am – late                                           Tinkerbelles Christmas Market

Sunday 5th                                           9am – 6pm                                          Tinkerbelles Christmas Market

Friday 10th                                           12 – late                                               Antiques Fair

Saturday                                              9am – late                                           Antiques Fair

Sunday                                                 9am – 6pm                                          Antiques Fair